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New York Love

21 Mar

Oh! Facebook, today I recived a comment on one of my photos from a person whom I had no idea I was friends with. 🙂 I clicked on the commenter’s photo and low and behold found the cutest New York couple ever!!!!

Meet Canarìo Gonzaléz and John Smith(Gorda Vashi/Matt)



>What is a Couple Crush?

17 Mar


Definition of a Couple Crush*

When a person (straight or gay) has a platonic “crush” on a couple, not sexual but idolizing them. They are usually seen as mentors or the “type” of couple.
“OMG, I have such a Couple Crush on Rebecca and Jon!” 
*definition via


17 Mar


Sometimes we catch ourselves gazing at other couples in awe, because

A. How cute they are
B. How amazing they are
C. How cute they are 🙂
Anyways we live in L.A, and see tons of couples everyday.  This is our way of sharing our couple crushes with you. Sometimes we’ll post photos, sometimes we’ll post interviews.