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Mickey Couple

22 Mar



Don’t hurt ’em

22 Mar

Girl on Girl

21 Mar

Why couldn’t Black Swan have more girl on girl action!?!?

New York Love

21 Mar

Oh! Facebook, today I recived a comment on one of my photos from a person whom I had no idea I was friends with. 🙂 I clicked on the commenter’s photo and low and behold found the cutest New York couple ever!!!!

Meet Canarìo Gonzaléz and John Smith(Gorda Vashi/Matt)


Photog and Model

21 Mar

Earlier this month I styled a photo shoot for Cameron McCool (yes that’s his real last name) At the end of the shoot I snapped a quick photo of the photographer and the model. For the whole shoot click here.

Say Cheese

21 Mar

Yes that’s duck tape. FLASHY!

Hidden Message

20 Mar

*Artist Unknown